Vietnamese Hair

Our Raw Vietnamese Hair Collection demands attention anywhere you go. Authentic Vietnamese hair can be very silky or on the coarser side, depending on genetics. However, it’s always thick, strong and lustrous naturally. They may have subtle waves once washed and air-dried, but are not as pronounced or as silky in texture as our Indian hair. If you are looking for a reliable, low maintenance texture less prone to frizz, then this is the right texture for you.

Indian Hair

Authentic raw Indian hair is known for its durability and versatility. That's why it is our best seller as it blends well with most hair types. Indian hair is typically finer and can often exhibit medium to coarse textures and are medium to high lustre. We proudly offer straight, wavy and curly textures which form beautiful wave and curl patterns when air-dried. Even our straight Indian hair has a subtle natural wave, but can get silky straight with a flat iron.

Cambodian Hair

Cambodian hair usually appears darker in colour, more coarse and thicker in diameter compared to other authentic Southeast Asian hair. It is a perfect blend into textured hair due to its genetic make-up. It has a natural wavy texture with a medium lustre and are highly favoured by those who appreciate a thicker and fuller look. They hold curls very well and blend amazingly into textured hair, if you enjoy a leave out.

Burmese Hair

Hair from Burma, also known as Myanmar, typically appear thick and coarse by nature. Our Raw Burmese Curly comes double drawn and is no doubt our most exotic hair type, perfect for our natural 3b - 4c hair babes. This collection is super versatile and can mimic twist-outs or work the perfect blowout look. In its air-dried state the curls are supple and soft, yet coarse and textured.

Straight Hair

Are you looking for a sleek and smooth bussdown? Our luxury straight hair collection offers impeccable quality hair from India and Vietnam. Donated from single hair donors, our hair extensions provide unparalleled versatility and elegance handcrafted with the highest precision and craftsmanship.

Wavy Hair

If effortless beach waves are your go-to look, then Schwan Hair has you covered. Our collection features naturally occurring wave patterns that range from subtle to pronounced, offering the perfect wave intensity for any style. Unlike curly hair, wavy textures require less maintenance and can easily be flat-ironed bone straight. For those who love versatility, explore our collection today.

Curly Hair

No event or night-out is complete without a curly hairdo. Whether you have loose or tighter curls, we'll have a similar texture to match your natural hair. None of our curly hair textures have undergone any chemical processing and each strand is cuticle aligned to retain its natural hair pattern. Start your curly hair journey today.