About schwan hair


Schwan Hair was created by our CEO Laura, Scientist and passionate Hair Lover, who decided to take matters into her own hands when she couldn't find authentic hair that not only matched her texture, but also looked and behaved like hers. She soon realised that many women all over the world shared the same frustrations and she became devoted to find a hair match for everyone - "Our mission is to be the trusted number 1, go to online shop for true, authentic and raw hair globally."

Our Promise

Through vigorous testing and vetting we are confident of our products and have build great relationships within 5 years of research, ensuring that quality meets ethics during sourcing, production and fulfilment. We proudly present to you the results of our hard work and promise to continuously evolve and keep our already high standards consistent with customer satisfaction in mind.

We can think of 5 reasons why you should chose Schwan Hair 

Ethically sourced raw human hair - we have carefully vetted and handpicked our hair as quality is more important to us than providing cheap hair in quantity

 Naturally occurring real hair patterns - we do not chemically process our hair and provide clean, raw hair in its purest form. Any product pictures on this website are not digitally altered - what you see is what you get!

Guaranteed 100% real hair from 1 hair donor per bundle - tangle free hair collected from the same source, which blends in so well that people will think it is your real hair.

No chemicals, additives or synthetic fibers - we do not support chemical processing and do NOT offer hair of that sort on our website. In this way we are ensuring your scalp will remain healthy and unaffected by external (chemical factors) avoiding irritable, itchy, scaling scalp or dandruff. 

Thick and healthy bundles - we guarantee that your hair will be luscious and great quality ALWAYS and 100% 

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If you have never dyed, relaxed, permed or altered your own hair in any chemical way, then it would be in its most purest form. That's exactly the concept of raw hair and what we offer at Schwan Hair - nothing but pure, authentic hair collected from women in Southeast Asia.

True raw hair is hard to find on the market, as it's expensive and laborious to manufacture. Our extensions are cut from single human donorS, cleaned and sewn in cuticle alignment with the highest precision and craftsmanship to ensure longevity and durability of our hair extensions. Our quality speaks for itself and are proven to last 5x longer than your average "virgin hair" extensions.

Virgin Hair:

The misleading term "Virgin Hair" (VH) has become a hallmark for China-made extensions and doesn't translate to "pure, untouched" hair anymore. The most popular kinds of VH are "Peruvian, Brazilian, Mongolian and Malaysian Hair". This doesn't actually indicate the origin of hair, rather is an alluring way to market chemically acquired textures for solely monetary purposes. VH is also distinctively graded as 10A, 9A, 8A... etc. or AAA or AAAAA to enhance sales strategies. Unfortunately, the source of those bundles are unknown and collected from multiple, different sources (i.e. fallen hair, floor hair or ball hair). In this way, these extensions are no longer cuticle aligned, which ultimately is the root cause of tangling. The number one tell sign of virgin hair is the smell and feel. It will smell like plastic, chemicals or corn chips and feel "slippery and greasy" fresh out the pack, as they have been coated with silicons to mask the low quality hair and chemical washes. 

Raw Hair:

Schwan Hair is UK's leading Raw Hair Extension Company specialising in 100% authentic Southeast Asian Hair. Raw hair (RH) has been collected from one human donor per bundle of known origin, and has been wefted in its natural growth direction respective of its in-tact cuticles. This is the highest quality hair currently available on today's market, making Schwan Hair a true luxury brand. Our raw hair is 100% authentic, unprocessed, without the presence of chemicals or silicons, doesn't have a smell, feels "familiar" being 100% true to its native origin and structurally behave according to their genetic markup. RH usually is lower in lustre and coarse, but feels very soft. It often has a rougher appearance compared to the processed VH, due to the absence of silicons and chemicals. However, its authentic textures occur in nature (unless stated otherwise) and seamlessly blend into most hair types. 

Raw, unprocessed hair has a lifespan of up to 5 years. If well taken care of, you'll be able to enjoy your Schwan Hair extensions for several years. Schwan Hair is an investment and we always include a detailed hair care leaflet in every order to help you prolong the health of your extensions and help you to get the most for your money. For more info please refer to our raw hair maintenance guide.

Indian Hair: famous for their durability and longevity, strong strands, high to medium lustre, micro-waves in individual hair strands, slight frizz in humid conditions and perfect, almost undetectable blend with most hair types. 

Cambodian Hair: well known for their coarseness and long, thick tresses and low to medium lustre. Cambodian hair is straight and wavy by nature. This hair origin is perfect for styling and capable of holding curls and waves for days. 

Vietnamese Hair: Vietnamese hair is often found straight in nature and may vary with subtle waves and coarseness. This hair type can be finer and slightly higher in lustre than Cambodian Hair but almost feels "related". It withstands humid conditions better than Indian Hair. Vietnamese hair blends amazingly well with Asian, Caucasian, and relaxed hair types.

Burmese Hair: very lustrous and durable, often found straight in nature but are offered in steamed textures. This curly pattern is our most exotic hair type as it is known to seamlessly blend with girls that rock their natural curls and if blowdried almost looks identical with relaxed hair. Left to air-dry the curls are lush, bouncy and soft - a must try!

We have tried every single item on our website and are 100% certain you will see, feel and smell the difference in quality!

We love to say "Sisters, not twins", which refers to bundles being unique as they are collected from single donors. Though similar to each other, not every bundle is 100% identical and may slightly vary in colour or texture, but will be "related" or true to its native origin within its collection.

All products available on our website are in stock unless stated otherwise. Pre-orders are currently only available on wigs, special lengths bundles (e.g. 40" etc.) and custom hair clip pieces. This is a bespoke service, which means a specific product is custom made to your specifications. For instance, your lace wig will be custom made to suit your head measurements, or your lace frontals and closures are custom made as per your request (i.e. parting or lace size). Thus, custom items are excluded from our Refunds and Returns policy. At point of purchase you will be agreeing to these terms. Please read Our R&R policy for custom made items - click here

Please consider an additional 5-10 business days for pre-orders. Read our shipping terms for more info.

Please email info@schwanhair.com for more infos

Maintenance and application

All bundles weigh ca. 100g each. The longer the bundles are, the more are required for your install. Depending on how you like to wear your hair, whether you're going for a natural or more full-glam look, we recommend the following purchase guide:

  • 14-16 inches: 2 or more bundles 
  • 16-26 inches: 3 or more bundles
  • 26-32 inches: 4 or more bundles

Please add 1 lace closure or 1 lace frontal if you are constructing a wig with our Schwan Hair bundles. Please see "Closure vs Frontal" for more info. 

You will need to purchase a lace closure or lace frontal when constructing a wig with your Schwan Hair bundles. Please see "How Many Bundles Do I Need?" for more info. Choosing between either, entirely depends on how you are intending to wear your wig. 

  • Closures are a superb choice for an everyday wig. With our standard 5x5 inches of lace space, you can create effortless middle parts mimicking your scalp and simple side parting hairstyles.
  • Frontal lace sizes range from 13x4 and 13x6 inches, which allow for a more generous parting area ear to ear. Great for women with thinning edges, you can create a realistic hairline and style undetected glamorous looks.

We recommend to always wash your hair extensions before application due to hygiene reasons. Our extensions are directly sourced from real women in Southeast Asia and though washed after collection, may still attract dirt due to being stored in different places throughout the fulfilment process. Clean hair is also easier to style and manage. Please detangle before washing, working your way up from the tips to the top.

Yes! Schwan Hair are 100% authentic raw hair extensions and behave just like real hair is expected to. In this way our wavy and curly textures will bounce back to its original hair texture after your routine maintenance and styling regime. Please note that if you chemically alter your hair ie. relaxer, perm, over bleach etc. it could loosen the structure of your hair textures resulting in looser wave or curl patterns. 

Treat Schwan Hair the way you would treat your own natural hair. We recommend to: 

  • Wash your luxury tresses 1-2x a week
  • Use mild shampoos and conditioners
  • We encourage using paraben and sulphate free products
  • Hydrate your hair once in a while with masks and use lightweight serums to seal off the hair after conditioning 
  • Do not scrub or brush hair aggressively as it can damage the hair strands and cause split ends or tangling in lace closures and frontals
  • Use the appropriate hair tools to prolong the life span of your hair extensions 
  • Treat your hair with trims if you see split hair

We strongly encourage you to do your own research before purchasing raw hair. Please click here for more hair care tips

Our favourite hair serums:

- L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil for All Hair Types

- Aussie’s Calm The Frizz Lightweight Oil for frizzy hair (3 miracle oil version)

Our favourite Shampoo and Conditioner:

- Mielle Organics

- Avanti, Silicon Mix

Our favourite hair brush:

- Schwan Hair Style & Shine Brush

- Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush

Yes, all Schwan Hair extensions can be bleached and coloured. Please seek professional assistance from a trained hairstylist and colourist when chemically processing your hair. 

Yes, Schwan Hair extensions can be straightened and curled. Please always remember to use a heat protector before applying any heat and avoid excessive heat exposure as this can damage your hair in the long run. Treat your extensions the way you would treat your own to prolong the health and lifespan of your luxury hair. 

Shipping & Delivery

After placing your order you will receive an instant order confirmation email. Please allow 1-3 business days for your order to be processed for shipment. 

Once your order is ready for delivery, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with an estimated delivery date. All orders are shipped with a track-able service, giving you full control to follow your parcels via an online track button. Read more about shipping here.

As a thumb rule please consider the following shipping times:

Within the UK:

Standard Delivery: 1-3 business days

Next Day Delivery: 1 business day (order cut off 1pm)

Outside the UK: 

Standard Delivery: 6-10 business days

Express Delivery: 3-6 business days

DHL Delivery: 1-3 business days

We encourage you to allow enough time to receive your hair, especially if you need your purchase urgently for an event. Once we have given your order into shipment we are not in control of any courier delays.

We offer guaranteed next day delivery (NDD) by 1 pm to more than 98% of all UK addresses. Operating days are Monday to Friday and Saturday at an additional cost. To qualify for NDD, please place your order before our 1 pm cut-off. Please note exceptions may apply to carrier service disruptions or busy sales periods. 

For international orders we offer DHL Express Service (1-3 business days).

We recommend someone to be present when your parcel is due to be delivered, as it may need a signature. However, don’t worry if this isn't possible as our delivery partner will alternatively leave a card confirming that they've either left it with a neighbour, left it in a safe place, when they will try to redeliver or give you details on how to collect it.

Once your order is ready for delivery, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with an estimated delivery date and a tracking number, giving you full control and the ability to conveniently follow your parcels via an online track button. Read more about shipping here.  

Unfortunately Schwan Hair does not offer pick-up services from any locations as we are a pure online retail business with no accessible facilities available to the public.  

Returns & Refunds

All sales are final! However, in the unlikely event you change your mind about any of our luxury tresses Schwan Hair offers a 14 day exchange policy under the following acceptance criteria. Any returned items must be in original packaging and resellable condition i.e. not worn, washed or altered in any way. If the hair tags has been taken off we are unable to process your exchange and your order will be shipped back to you at your cost. Please always get in touch with us first before returning any items back to us. Your parcel remains your responsibility until it arrives back with us, therefore we suggest you always ask for proof of postage and tracking number in case you need to contact us about your return. Please allow up to 48 hours for a customer service advisor to get back to your email in order to provide adequate support. 

Refunds are not permitted as all sales are final! At point of purchase you are agreeing to these terms. However, if you have a genuine concern please get in touch within 24 hours of receiving your order and we will address it accordingly. We love our customers and want you to be happy with any Schwan Hair purchase and endeavour to get you a replacement ASAP. 

If at any point the item is sold out at point of purchase, a refund will be issued to your original payment method instead. Please allow your refund to be processed back to your credit card or original method of payment within 5-10 working days.Please note that unfortunately, sale or discounted items cannot be returned/exchanged and are excluded from our Refund & Returns policy. 

Once an order has been placed our fulfilment teams immediately begin to prepare your purchase for shipment. We are therefore unable to cancel individual orders. However, should you change your mind about our luxury raw hair extensions we offer a 14 day exchange service - please see ourreturns policyfor more info.

Order Issues

Before contacting customer service, we will need you to do the following checks first:

  • Read Shipping Terms
  • Is your order a pre-order item?
  • Check the tracking link
  • Contact delivery service
  • Speak to your local post office
  • Ask people in your household in case they have signed for your order 
  • Check with your neighbours 
  • Check safe places (front porch, garden etc.)

If you have completed the above checks, please contact us after 24 hours of delivery date based on your tracking details to further investigate this for you. 

Please note that we are not held accountable for parcels where the tracking information shows successful delivery to your selected shipping address. Read more here


Please get in touch with us immediately within 24 hours of receiving your parcel. We want to help ASAP and the sooner you can get in touch with us the quicker you are able to enjoy your luxury raw hair. Please note we may ask you to provide pictures of any issues, so that we can process your enquiry accordingly. Please also make sure that you have not removed any security tags or product labels, as the hair needs to be returned in its original condition. Any worn, washed or altered hair will not be accepted as stated in the Returns Policyhere

Remember that Schwan Hair's raw hair extensions have been cut from a real person's head. Once no longer attached to its human host, the constant supply of nutrients i.e. proteins, vitamins, iron, water etc. responsible for the health, survival and continuous cell repair of individual hair strands are gone forever. This means your hair extensions won't receive its natural moisture and oils needed to stay "healthy" and shiny from its original hair donor. This is where you come in! Raw hair initially feels drier and coarser than other extensions like "virgin hair" that come coated and feel greasy straight out the pack. Once raw hair is co-washed it will feel soft and beautiful.

The easiest way to inject some life back into your extensions is to establish a healthy hair care routine - check out our blog post here for our tips on healthy hair maintenance. We recommend adding a serum into your daily routine to replenish all of the hair-loving minerals needed for healthier and shinier looking tresses.

Shedding is referred to an excessive amount of hair loss which ultimately only occurs if your wefts are interrupted by either cutting or plucking. As a luxury brand, we pride ourselves on only offering quality and healthy hair extensions, that are carefully handmade with the highest precision and skilled craftsmanship. Through our modern stitching technology and signature wefts, our bundles are strong, durable and do not shed. 

Your own hair growing out of your scalp, through the natural 4 stages of growth cycle, commonly lose 50 - 100 hair strands per day. It is normal if your wefts lose a few hair strands with every wash or styling. However, should you experience excessive shedding, it is important to identify the root cause, i.e. interruption of wefts, plucking, aged wear and tear of bundles, etc. 

Your luxury Schwan Hair extensions need the same TLC you would give your own hair. Avoid excessive pulling, tugging, plucking and cutting of your wefts as this loosens the weft bands and ultimately is the cause of shedding. As an additional measure of security we always recommend to seal your raw hair bundles and enjoy a longer lasting extension experience. 

Hair maintenance is your responsibility. If you have damaged*, cut or bleached your hair extensions and are not satisfied with the outcome as a result, please note that we are not held responsible for your actions and are not able to offer an exchange or a refund. 

*The definition of "damage" is: "Physical harm that alters and impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something". Examples are, but not limited to: 

  • Cutting wefts, hair or lace systems
  • Bleaching of hair or lace knots
  • Customisation of lace and hairline, plucking, wig construction", etc.
  • Texturising, perming or relaxing curls, including applying chemicals that interfere with, or impair the natural state of hair resulting in either hair breakage, shedding and loosening of natural hair texture
  • Interruption of wefts due to cutting, customisation, plucking, tugging and pulling of hair due to excessive styling, aged wear and tear of bundles etc. 

Every single item undergoes vigorous quality inspection before being placed into inventory and a secondary assessment is completed before being shipped to the customer. Please ensure you wash and treat the hair according to the nature of the product (read our hair care guide here) and ask questions if unsure of how to handle. Please note we are not held accountable for hair that has been damaged due to improper handling or incorrect use of tools and hair care products. 

Please contact: info@schwanhair.com for general and order related queries

Your enquiry is important to us and we aim to respond to your emails within 48 hours. Please allow given timeframe for one of our customer care advisors to provide you with appropriate support. Please note that Schwan Hair is a "bully free" zone where we do not tolerate abusive or offensive language. We believe in mutual respect and will only respond to customers who adhere to similar values.