Serious Question: How much would you charge to sell your own hair?

Have you ever thought about how much you would charge to sell your own hair? Let's say you had 26 inches of long and healthy hair, how much would you charge your highest bidder? It's a serious question that invites reflection on the value and significance of raw hair extensions. These extensions, especially those made from authentic hair donated by women in Southeast Asia, hold immense value, both monetarily and culturally.

The Journey of Raw Hair Extensions

Raw hair extensions are not just any hair. They are sourced from real women and like many of us have deep cultural and personal connections to their hair. Let's explore how this delicate and meaningful process works in different parts of Southeast Asia.

India’s Hair Temples and Tonsuring

In India, the tradition of tonsuring, or shaving one’s head, is a religious practice. Devotees visit hair temples, like the famous Tirupati Temple, to offer their hair as a sacrifice. This act is a symbol of humility and devotion, where people give up their most prized possession in hopes of favour, prosperity and health. The hair collected from these temples is then auctioned, providing a significant source of income for the temple and its charitable activities.

The hair from these temples is highly sought after because of its quality and authenticity. It’s often referred to as "temple hair," and it’s known for being untreated, durable and strong. The natural texture and strength of this hair make it ideal for creating high-quality extensions such as Schwan Hair's.

A woman participates in the sacred practice of tonsuring, donating her hair at the Thiruthani Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu. Photo credit: Allison Joyce

Hair Trade in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma

In Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma, the process is a bit different but equally respectful. Women in rural areas often grow their hair long, sometimes for years, before selling it. This hair is typically sold to support their families or to invest in education and other necessities. The women take great care of their hair, maintaining its health and natural beauty.

The buyers in these regions are meticulous. They ensure that the hair is collected ethically and that the sellers are compensated fairly. This hair is known for its beautiful texture and natural appearance, making it perfect for weft extensions, wigs and clip-ins.

A woman selling her hair in Vietnam. Photo credit Refinery29

Understanding the Value

When you buy raw hair extensions, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a story, a culture, and a person. The hair you’re buying has been nurtured and cared for by someone who values it deeply. This is why raw hair extensions are so valuable and why their price reflects their quality and origin.

At Schwan Hair, we are committed to bringing you the best quality extensions. Despite the intricate and respectful process of sourcing this hair, we strive to keep our prices affordable. We understand the delicacy of the subject and ensure that every strand of hair we sell has been ethically sourced and fairly traded.

Schwan Hair single donor hair pieces from our Indian Hair Factory 

The Real Cost

So, back to you - how much would you charge to sell your own hair? It’s a question that puts things into perspective. The women who donate or sell their hair are parting with something deeply personal. The cost of raw hair extensions might seem high at first glance, but when you consider the journey, the care, and the cultural significance behind each bundle, it becomes clear that these prices are not just fair—they're a testament to the value and respect we owe to these women.

Final Thoughts

Next time you consider buying hair extensions, think about the story behind them. Invest in raw hair extensions and ditch the highly processed "virgin hair extensions", that often cost more and are designed to be repurchased every few months. Understand the value of what you’re purchasing. At Schwan Hair, we honour these stories and bring you authentic, high-quality extensions that are worth every penny. Our prices reflect not just the product, but the respect and dignity of the women who made it possible.

By appreciating the true value of raw hair extensions, we can all contribute to a more ethical and respectful beauty industry. Thank you for choosing to support this journey with us.