"Honestly this hair feels so realistic and looks just like my own!"

Desthy Dee

"This hair is no joke guys! The quality is just amazing ... the best clip ins ever!"

Lateysha Grace

"This hair is absolutely amazing!! When I received it the hair was so shiny and thick and I knew it was definitely raw hair because of the “rough” texture straight out of the package but once I cowashed the hair it was stunning! The natural lustre of this hair is incredible and it’s so bouncy that you need minimal product, only serum and you’ll be fine! I ordered 3 bundles of 24” and constructed my wig with 2 and 3/4 of the hair and it’s so THICK!! You could honestly get away with two if you have a small head or you’re doing a sew in! I’ve made a full initial review on my YouTube Channel Charmonroe


"I received my order very quickly and the hair smells and feels amazing. I ended up purchasing twice and absolutely love their quality!"


"I bought 3 bundles of 22” Straight Indian Raw Hair and it is AMAZING!! It looks glossy and feels so silky, and you can run your fingers through with no tangling or shedding at all! I have spent hundreds on hair where the quality isn’t even half as good. So affordable and luxurious.

The customer service has been amazing start to finish. Every question I had was answered in so much detail, and I was even sent some more pictures to help me decide which hair to buy. 

My only regret is that I haven’t tried this sooner!! Thanks so much 🖤"


"I am really happy with the quality of the hair. Loved the hair I have bought from you. Instantly the quality is 100% better and more authentic than any non raw human hair. Thank you!"


"This is the best Hair I've ever had! It feels like a real person's hair you can tell the difference IMMEDIATELY! Worth the investment!"

Keji Black

"I am a US customer and absolutely love their products and customer service. The dollar to pound conversion really hits my wallet but as long as Schwan Hair exist I will continue to buy their extensions. My hair in this picture is going 6 Installs strong and I am waiting for their next Sale to buy more! Thank you!"


"I love the Indian Curly I bought. It blends in with my leave out really well and is very low maintenance, atm I'm wearing it wavy (used a big curling wand), but it's very easy to maintain the curls I just wet it."


"As an avid buyer of curly weaves I have to say this is the best hair I have ever bought. EVER. I normally tend to go for a curlier curl to match my natural hair texture which is 3a-4c but I wanted to try this and my hair blended seemlessly. Apart from the fact that my natural hair is lighter you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference even when straight. I straightened. Curled. Bendy rollered this hair and ended up having it in for two months without even realising lol. The curls came back immediately. They were soft and bouncy and just outstanding. I would 100% recommend purchasing this hair. I will be installing it again next year and I’m going to be purchasing other textures to try before coming up to Xmas. You need to invest in order to have quality hair. You definitely get what you pay for with this Burmese curly and Laura knows exactly what she’s talking about. She answered every single one of my questions and supported me even after purchase. Treat yourself ladies. You deserve nothing but the best. Love and blessings always. Kali xx"


"I bought the bundles from the raw Vietnamese Collection and even my hairdresser said that this is the best hair I've ever brought to her and I've been using her for over 20 Years. Wish you every success in your business endeavours. Keep striving for excellence so good to experience black girl magic. Keep winning!"

Customer via Instagram

"This is the prettiest hair I've ever received. I get compliments everywhere I go and I keep recommending Schwan Hair. I got 4 bundles of raw Indian wavy and it looks pretty with the waves and amazing when straightened. It arrived so soft and smelled so good when I received it. Ladies even though it's on the pricier side it's worth every penny."


"I washed my hair and the water was so clear, if you use virgin hair then you know what I mean. This hair is totally different from the hairs I have purchased before... I washed all 3 bundles and sent a picture to them of the shedding. There was ONE strand. I did not expect that. Wow I just love them."


"I usually buy my hair from yummy and was so happy to see a UK company that sells raw hair because buying from US hair companies just got too expensive. Schwan Hair is the absolute best that I've tried in the UK so far! I have been rocking the hair since May and I can only say they're legit. More than happy with my purchase and cannot wait to buy more!"

Customer via Instagram

"Officially my fav extensions now. Thank you. I wore them out last night didnt have time to curl them and they still blended with my natural hair like a dream. My hair dresser does my amazing ponytails @braidedbyrochelle_ with only one Schwan Hair bundle and it's more than enough. If you are in Surrey area hit her up on Insta and she'll hook you up!"

Customer via Instagram

"Second purchase and both times the hair arrived super fast!I love their quick delivery. The hair feels nice and smells nice too. When I installed it the 20" was a bit longer than expected and it's thick too.. even my hairdresser was complimenting the quality of the bundles. I absolutely love them!"